Paperivalo Shop

Paperivalo collection includes greeting cards, lanterns, luminaires and cinerary urns made from handmade paper. The main color of the collection is white, which can be seen as snow or nightless nights of Lapland. Design of paper artist Sirpa Kivilompolo is minimalist and elegant. Paperivalo is working in the little village Karunki, situated in the Tornio River Valley, North of Finland. Sirpa moved back to her roots in the year 2007. Paperivalo has an own showroom/factory shop in Karunki. Welcome to the white light!

The watermark is a miracle hidden in a sheet of handmade paper and revealed by the light into stories and translucent images.

Paperivalo Ky, Jokivarrentie 2482, FI, Tornio (Karunki), Finland, tel. +358 50 585 7290,