Handicrafts and delicacies from Sea Lapland

The cultural heritage of Sea Lapland forms an essential and prominent part in everyday living in the region. Hand-made candles, lamp fixtures designed of paper, lambskin hides or hand knitted wool products are superb gifts to bring home to. The local meat-, fish- and berry products are delicacies to satisfy even the most gourmet person. At the Pohjanranta in Keminmaa you can order wine made of black or red currant grown at the farm. The local unleavened bread and the white fish scooped up from the Tornio River are delicacies not to be missed.

The annual River lamprey- and the Anadromous salmon Fairs, the Farmers’ Fairs and several other summer and fall fairs, offer food and beverages made of fresh local produce, gathering people to celebrate the events from near and far. Many of the fairs offer entertainment throughout the day, and seasonal products to bring home to.


Paperivalo Shop

Paper artist Sirpa Kivilompolo designs and prepares beautiful paper products from handmade paper. Paperivalo Lantern and Luminaires are beautiful interior decoration. The translucent lines on the handmade paper create lively patterns that come to life as light shines through the paper. Dialect cards, magnets, and posters have phrases from Torniovalley (Tornionjokilaakso) dialect.

Open: Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat 11-15

Paperivalo Design - light, white, unique

Jokivarrentie 2482, 95530 Tornio


Pohjanranta Vineyard

Pohjanranta has 8000 blackcurrant and 3000 green currant bushes on Pohjanranta's fruitful fields. During northern summer nights, berries ripen to a fine taste.

Wine is produced from berries in their wine cellar. Wines are served at the restaurant and you can buy them with you from the store. 

Pohjanranta wines are medium-dry and sweet blackcurrant wine, green currant wines and gooseberry wines.

Pohjanranta includes also Spahotel, Church, Camping site and Dancing Center.

Open: Every day at 9-21

Pohjantie 23, 94400 Keminmaa


SnowCastle Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop providing primarily Finnish and Lappish products, handicraft as well as specifically designed products. 

Open: Daily 11-15

Kauppakatu 27, 94100 Kemi


Tornedal & Co

Special Design Boutique in Haparanda is full of art and handicrafts made in the Torniovalley area (Tornionjokilaakso). There are for example clothes, jewellery, books, and sweets. 

In the Art cafe, you can enjoy coffee with local pastries as you are admiring the exhibition by local artists. 

More information (in Swedish): Tornedal & Co

Open: Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-18

Torggatan 46, 953 32 Haparanda