Nature tour by snowshoes 

Have you ever tried walking on the sinking snow? Snowshoes are a nature-friendly way to move around in the beautiful winter forest without any trails required. Your guide will give you basic information about Finnish forests and its animals. During the safari we will enjoy snacks.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 12:00-14:00
Duration: 2 h
Price: 68 € / person, 41 € / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Beyond City Lights

When was the last time you saw stars in the dark night sky? When you are beyond city lights with us, you will experience darkness and the silence of the Lappish winter and have feeling of the eternity. We will perform presence activities and learn about the beneficial power of darkness. If we are lucky, we will see stars and magical Northern Lights above us. We will walk shortly on snowy forest with snowshoes. At the camp fire we will enjoy snacks and get to know one another.

Duration: 4-5 hrs (incl. transportation 2x 1 hour)
Price: 135 € per person (min 2, max 8 participants)
Prerequisites: Standard walking condition, suitable for persons over 12 years of age

Bookings:, tel: +358 44 2388 977, +358 44 2389 000

Trail of Trees

Let us introduce to you how nature provides a relaxing and calming experience. we will take a walk wearing snowshoes through forests, along ancient prehistoric shorelines, and to the top of a hill. During the hike, we will perform presence activities, embrace the beneficial power of nature, and learn about the lives of forests and trees. We will enjoy snacks at a campfire and get to know one another.

Duration: 5 hrs (incl. transportation 2 x 1 hour)
Price: 120 € per person (min 2, max 8 participants)
Prerequisites: Standard walking condition, suitable for persons over 12 years of age

Bookings:, tel: +358 44 2388 977, +358 44 2389 000 

Arctic Island Aurora Adventure

When the night falls we will get comfortable in warm Olokolo-nests which will be pulled by snowmobiles to the nearby Adventure Island. On the wintry and snowy sea shores we will explore the Island by snowshoes observing the Northern Sky above us. The Island lies a short ride away from the City of Kemi but away from the city lights - a perfect spot for seeking the Northern Lights and admiring the stars and moon in the Arctic sky.

Availability: Tue, Thu, Sat 28.12.2016-15.4.2017 at 19:30.
Duration: 2,5 h
Price: 174 € / person
Minimum: 2 persons
Booking: Min 1 day prior to service day
Meeting point: SnowCastle meeting point at 19:20

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu

White Silence On Snowshoes

Capture the true feeling of the arctic in the northern woods and city fields. A snowshoe adventure trough the picturesque snowy scenery. Experience the silence and beauty of wintery forests on this guided snowshoe hike. Have have a break and enjoy some snacks while the only sound you will hear is the sough of the forest.

Availability: Mon, Wed, Fri 28.12.2016-15.4.2017 at 15:00-17:00
Price: 76 € / person
Minimum: 2 persons
Children: Suitable for children of 12 years or older
Pick up: Hotel Cumulus, Merihovi and Palomestari at 14:40, SnowCastle meeting point at 14:50.

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu 

Feel good activities

Take a brisk, wintry tour on a kicksled, relax in the warmth of the pools in the Kemi Indoor Swimming Hall. Feel good like never before!

Availability: Daily 23.1-9.4.2017. Kicksled at your use for 2 hours.
Swimming hall open Mon-Fri at 7.00-20.30, Sat-Sun at 12.00-16.00
Price: 22 € / adult, 13 € / child (4-11 years)
Duration: Total 2-3 hours, according to your own schedule
Minimum: 1 person

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu