Icebreaker Sampo Cruise and Snowmobile Safari

Book a snowmobile safari to the Icebreaker Sampo, and experience the Arctic freedom at its fullest! Your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Kemi and bring you to the safari house. After changing into appropriate safari gear, the journey towards the Sampo, waiting for you in the middle of the frozen Gulf of Bothnia, may begin. Reaching the spectacular vessel, you will leave your snowmobile on the ice, climb aboard the Cruise Icebreaker, to enjoy the full cruise with lunch, tour of the vessel and swim in survival suits. After the swimming event, you will get off the board to continue driving the snowmobile back to the safari house. During the tour, you will have a chance to take a reindeer sleigh ride. 

Availability: 28.12.2016-15.04.2017
Price: 491 € / person duo drive, 580 € / person solo drive
Duration: Abt. 7 hours (3 hours on board the Sampo) 
Swimming event height requirement: minimum 145cm

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu 

Arctic day at the sea 

Snowmobile safari to Sampo Icebreaker inc. cruise and reindeer ride
Our most popular safari takes you through the beautiful frozen sea to a small reindeer camp. At the camp, we´ll have a stop where you will hear about the lappish reindeer herding and the life of the reindeer. You can also try driving a reindeer pulled sleigh, and enjoy delicious sandwiches with coffee. After the stop, the snowmobile safari continues towards the Icebreaker Sampo that is anchored in the middle of the frozen sea. We will get onboard and the crew will tell us about how the ship functions from the captain's conning to the engine room. We'll witness how the ice that can be up to one meter thick, breaks on the sides of the ship. We will also try winter swimming safely wearing special warm dry suites and have a meal in the cozy restaurant of Sampo. After the cruise, we will continue the snowmobile safari back to Kemi.

Availability: Wed-Sat 13.12.2017-28.04.2018 at 12.00-17.30
Duration: 6 h, of which abt.2h snowmobile safari with max 30km
Price: 460 € / person duo drive, 549 € / person solo drive, 276 / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Introduction to snowmobiles

Would you like to try snowmobiling for the first time, but are not sure if you are up to it? Then this is the safari for you! Lapland Safaris guide will teach you how to handle the snowmobile and you will make a short drive to get used to the machine. We use specially adjusted snowmobiles making the driving easier and safer for the first timers. And after this, you are ready for longer safaris!

Availability: Tue, Thu, Sat 28.12.2016–15.4.2017 at 10.00–11.00
Price: 86 € / person duo drive, 138 € / person solo drive, 52 € / child (4-11 years)
Pick up: Hotel Cumulus, Merihovi and Palomestari at 9:40, SnowCastle meeting point at 9:50.

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu

Short and easy - Beginner´s snowmobile safari

This snowmobile safari gives you the feeling of the speedy ride by snowmobiles. Safari will take you to the shimmering, frozen sea.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.04.2018 at 10.00 – 11.00 and 17.00 – 18.00
Duration: 1h, max 20km
Price: 77 € / person duo drive, 127 € / person single drive, 47 € / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Snowmobile safari incl. visit a Reindeer Farm

We put on warm clothes and after a short transfer by car, you will head by snowmobiles to the frozen sea and towards
the Reindeer Farm. Let’s go back in time and experience the traditional way of traveling in Lapland and join a short
reindeer safari. You can also take a test in reindeer drive. After a lesson, you will drive reindeer and maybe get a
reindeer driving licence if you pass the test. After the ride, we will tell you some stories about reindeers life and serve
for you coffee and hot juice. Return by car.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.04.2018 at 09.00 – 11.30 
Duration: 2,5h, max 20km
Price: 150Eur/person duo drive, 210Eur/person solo drive
Day: every day

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Aurora Borealis Safari by Snowmobiles

Experience the Arctic night by driving through the snow-covered forest and on the frozen sea. With a little luck, you will travel under a bright sky lit by the moon and the stars. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis -The Northern Lights -Will appear to show you the way. Sip warm beverages by a campfire and learn more about the Northern Lights and Lapland.

Availability: Mon-Sun 28.12.2016-15.4.2017 at 20:00-22:00
Price: 151 € / person duo drive, 210 € / person solo drive, 91 € / child (4-11 years) 

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu 


Forest experience

We will start the snowmobile safari from the frozen sea and carry on to the snowy forest, where you can feel the spirit of Lapland around you. With some luck the sky is clear and the sun is shining. We will enjoy a sausage on the fire with hot beverages and listen to the nature talking to us.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 13.00-16:30
Duration: 3,5h, max 70km
Price: 220 € / person duo drive, 250 € / person solo drive, 132 € / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Wilderness adventure safari 

We will start the snowmobile safari from the frozen sea and head our way towards nature protected area at the forest. There is a great chance to see different animal tracks and with some luck even real animals in the wild. The route will go in the snowy forest and on the half way of the safari we will have a stop with snacks and enjoy the quietness of nature.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 11:00-16:00
Duration: 5h, max 100km
Price: 320 € / person solo drive

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Checking the traditional fishing net 

Driving with the snowmobiles through the beautiful sea with a fishing guide. After half an hour ride we will stop to check a fishing net.
Net fishing is a traditional Finnish fishing method. You're sure to catch fish of many different species with this method.

Net fishing is possible throughout the year. In winter nets are floated under the ice.
During the break hot drink will be served, and then return by snowmobiles back to Kemi.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 10:00-11:30
Duration: 1,5 hours, max 20km
Price: 130 € / person duo drive, 190 € / person solo drive, 78 € / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Snowmobile safari to the Swedish border 

We will head the snowmobiles on the ice-covered sea and variable scenery to border between Finland and Sweden. We will cross the border by snowmobiles to Kingdom of Sweden territory, and enjoy a Swedish snack with a hot drink. What a unique opportunity to take pictures in two countries at the same time! Return by snowmobiles back to Kemi.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 10:00-13:00
Duration: 3 hours, max 60km
Price: 170 € / person duo drive, 230 € / person solo drive, 102 € / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Nature exploration at a husky safari 

You will have a car transfer to a local Husky musher's home. Before starting the vivid husky safari in the beautiful
winter forest, you will learn how to steer a husky-pulled sleigh. Each sleigh will be ridden in pairs. You will have the
possibility to pet the beautiful dogs and learn about their life, nature and training. Coffee break included.

Availability: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 11.12.2017-30.04.2018 at 9.00-12.00
Total duration: incl. transfers abt. 3h,
Duration of the husky safari abt.2hours / max 15km
Price: 190Eur/person
Day: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173


Booking conditions for all safaris

The reservations should be made 2 days in advance. Programs are organized with min 2 attendants if not otherwise mentioned. 

All safaris include: Thermal outfit, guide services in English, each snowmobile shared by two guest taking turns in driving, fuel, traffic insurance, and maintenance.
Requirements: The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 18 years of age with a drivers license. 
Children: Child price entitles children to a seat in a sled pulled by a snowmobile driven by the guide. A special condition in safaris by Kemin Matkailu: Children over 140 cm in height are allowed to sit on the snowmobile when paying the adult price.