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SnowCastle is open every day from the year 2019!

Visitors in Kemi, located in Sea Lapland, can experience the winter wonderland every day of the year from 2019 when the all-year-round SnowCastle main building opens it’s doors. Kemi has a long history of building huge castles, totally made of snow and ice.

Until now this snowy attraction has been available from January to April. The new massive main building, however, will offer versatile services for the honored guests throughout the year.

There will be the famous and award-winning IceRestaurant where you can enjoy a meal by the ice tables in -5 degrees Celsius. IceRestaurant serves delicious hot 3-course meals with drinks in glasses made of ice. Gorgeous snow sculptures, each more beautiful than the other, decorate the shimmering white walls. Amazing white weddings can also be arranged both in winter and summer time.

Additionally to these “cool” experiences, arctic delicacies are served in the main restaurant. Both à la carte and group menus are served in buffet. The chef has designed the new menus with local and arctic tastes.

Sun terrace is open from spring to late autumn to enjoy the midnight sun, autumn colours and even Northern Lights while dining. Ice cream bar introduces SnowCastle's homemade ice cream to complete the Taste of Snow&Ice experience.

To serve the guests even better, there are also arctic wellness and Finnish sauna services and, in addition, conference and meeting room facilities. Safari companies are operating under the same roof.

Lumilinnankatu 15, 94100 Kemi


The 24th SnowCastle will be open 19 January -13 April 2019