Kemin Matkailu Northern Lights

Hunting for Aurora Borealis 

Join us for on a search for magical northern lights. By car, we will go to a location far away from city lights with a magnificent view of the starry sky. After a short walk, we will make a campfire and eat Lappish sausages grilled on open fire. Hot juice will also be available. Sitting by the fire the guide will tell us about the facts and myths associated with the northern lights. And, if we are lucky, we will see them shimmering on the dark blue sky. 

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 20:30-22:30
Duration:    2 h
Price:         69 € / person

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

Aurora Borealis Safari by Snowmobiles

Experience the Arctic night by driving through the snow-covered forest and on the frozen sea. With a little luck, you will travel under a bright sky lit by the moon and the stars. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis -The Northern Lights -Will appear to show you the way. Sip warm beverages by a campfire and learn more about the Northern Lights and Lapland.

Availability: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 27.12.2017-31.3.2018 at 20:00-22:00
Duration:    2 h, max 30 km

Price: 118 €/adult, 2 persons / snowmobile
            71 €/child by snowmobile drawn sleigh
          163 €/adult, 1 person / snowmobile

Pick Up: Palomestari at 19.20, Merihovi at 19.30, Cumulus at 19.40,
SnowCastle meeting point at 19.45

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu

Aurora Camp

When the night falls we will get a snowmobile drawn sleigh ride to the nearby Arctic Adventure Island. At the island, we will find an Aurora Borealis film presenting the myths and facts of this natural phenomenon along with spectacular photos of the Northern lights. We will also have time to roam around the campsite, fry sausages by the open fire and best of all, take a comfort ride in Olokolo nests drawn by the snowmobile on the arctic sea. Remember to bring your camera! With a little luck the sky is clear and the moon, stars and even the Northern Lights may show up. Your guide will have tips on how to catch the Auroras with your camera and also tripods available!

Availability:   Tue, Thu, Sat 27.12.2017 – 14.4.2018 at 19.30-22.00
Duration:      2,5h – 3 hours
Price:           117 €/adult, 71 € /child by snowmobile drawn sleigh at 19.30 – 22.00 (including transfer time) 135 €/ adult with safari by                                        snowmobiles, 81 €/ child (child by snowmobile drawn sleigh) at 19.00-22.00
Pick up:        Palomestari at 18.50, Merihovi at 19.00, Cumulus at 19.10,
                     SnowCastle meeting point at 19.15. Pick up times 30 minutes earlier with snowmobile safari option.

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu


Beyond  City  Lights                               

When was the last time you saw stars in the dark night sky? When you are beyond city lights with us, you will experience darkness and the silence of the Lappish winter and have a feeling of the eternity.  We will perform presence activities and learn about the beneficial power of darkness. If we are lucky, we will see stars and magical Northern Lights above us. We will walk shortly, a couple of kilometers on the snowy forest with snowshoes. At the campfire, we will enjoy snacks and get to know one another.

Availability: 1.10.- 31.3. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu from Tornio via Kemi at 17 (Oct at 18)
Duration:    4-5 hrs (inc. transportation 2 x 1h)
Price:         135 € per person. Minimum 2, maximum 8 participants.

Includes:  Transportation, English-speaking guide, snacks.

Prerequisites: Good winter clothing. Standard walking condition

Suitable for person over 12 years of age


More information:, tel. +358 44 2388977


Snowmobile safari by night

We experience the arctic night by driving through the snow-covered forest and on the frozen sea. With a little luck, we have a bright sky - the moon and the stars, maybe even the Aurora Borealis - the Northern lights - showing us the way. Sip warm beverages by the campfire and learn more about the northern lights and Lapland.

Availability: Every day 11.12.2017-30.04.2018 at 20:00-22:00
Duration:     2 h, max 30km
Price:         135 € / person duo drive, 195 € / person solo drive, 81 € / child (2-11 years)

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173


Arctic Island Aurora Adventure

When the night falls we will get comfortable in warm Olokolo-nests which will be pulled by snowmobiles to the nearby Adventure Island. On the wintry and snowy sea shores we will explore the Island by snowshoes observing the Northern Sky above us. The Island lies a short ride away from the City but away from the city lights - a perfect spot for seeking the Northern Lights and admiring the stars and moon in the Arctic sky.

Availability: Tue, Thu, Sat 28.12.2016-15.4.2017 at 19:30-22:00
Price:         174 € / person
Minimum:   2 persons
Booking:     Min 1 day prior to service day
Meeting point: SnowCastle meeting point at 19:20

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu


Silence of the Northern Sky

Observe the magic of the night sky lying comfortably in a warm Olokolo by the sea shore. Individually heated Olokolo nest with a clear view to the sky offers you a cozy and relaxing moment under the Northern skyline. Olokolo at your use 3 evening hours between 21.00-01.00.

Availability: Mon–Sat  23.1.2016–9.4.2017
Price:          70 € / person, max 2 persons
Minimum:   1 person

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu

Booking conditions 

The reservations should be made 2 days in advance. Programs are organised with min 2 attendants if not otherwise mentioned.

All safaris include: Thermal outfit, guide services in English, each snowmobile shared by two guest taking turns in driving, fuel, traffic insurance and maintenance.

Requirements: The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 18 years of age with a drivers license.

Children: Child price entitles children to a seat in a sled pulled by a snowmobile driven by the guide. Special condition in safaris by Kemin Matkailu: Children over 140 cm in height are allowed to sit on the snowmobile when paying the adult price.

Please note that Aurora Borealis are a natural phenomenon and therefore a sighting cannot be guaranteed.