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Feel the pure nature

Open your senses and let us guide you through an exhilarating experience into Lappish nature. Refresh yourself amidst the forest where nature´s scents and sounds charm you and ensnare all your attention. We will pick you up from your informed departure location and travel 45 minutes through the countryside of southern Lapland. We´ll pack our backpacks and trek over forest paths. As we walk along the worn paths we´ll stop to pick seasonal berries, mushrooms and wild foods to taste flavors of the forest. We´ll also perform presence activities as well as see, feel, and experience the diversity of nature and its beneficial power. As a finishing touch, we will enjoy our possible catch and snacks at a campfire and learn things about one another.

Available:  May-Sep 2019
Price:        115 € per person. Minimum 2, maximum 8 participants.
Includes:   Transportation, English-speaking guide, snacks, and a rain poncho.
Duration:   4-5 hrs (inc. transportation 2 x 45 minutes)
Notes:       Standard walking condition; the length of the path is approximately 2 km. Suitable for persons over 12 years of age.

Bookings:  www.arcticemotions.com
More information: info@arcticemotions.com
tel. +358 44 2388977


Trail of Trees

Let us introduce to you how nature provides a relaxing and calming experience. We will take a walk through forests, along ancient prehistoric shorelines, and to the top of a hill. During the hike, we will perform presence activities, embrace the beneficial power of nature, and learn about the lives of forests and trees. We will enjoy snacks at a campfire and get to know one another.

Availability:     April-Sep Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu from Tornio via Kemi at 15
Duration:        5 hrs (incl. transportation 2 x 1 hour)
Price:             120 € per person (min 2, max 8 participants)
Prerequisites: Standard walking condition, warm clothing and waterproof shoes.        
Suitable for persons over 12 years of age

Booking: www.arcticemotions.com
More information: info@arcticemotions.com, tel. +358 44 2388977

Kätkävaara Nature Path 

Breath-taking sceneries! Kätkävaara is located between Rovaniemi and Kemi, close to the Pisavaara Strict Nature Reserve which is the strictest protected of all large nature reservations in Europe. The nature in the Kätkävaara region is unbelievably beautiful and diverse. Indeed, Kätkävaara can easily be called a nature lover's paradise with plenty of wild animals and birds living in the area.

The Kätkävaara region is also famous for its berries. Blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, cranberries and various mushrooms can be collected in the late summer and early fall.

Availability:        21st of May – 21st of November
Duration:           6 hours; 10:00 – 16:00
Price:                139 €/adult; 69,50 €/child under 15 year

Price includes:  Transportation, adventure gear, guidance services, snacks mentioned, organizer’s liability insurance, safari desk support.
Notes:               Please inform us about your sizes like length, weight and shoe number in advance for the winter gear.


The meeting place is at the reception of Hotel Scandic Kemi, Hahtisaarenkatu 3, 94100 Kemi