If you want to understand Lapland and its people, getting familiar sauna is a good starting point. 

Relaxing Sauna

Do you want to experience the relaxed feeling of the sauna?
In this product, you have an opportunity to enjoy the gentle heat of traditional home yard sauna in the countryside. We introduce you the Finnish sauna culture, tell you how to use it and let you enjoy it with your friends. There is space for four people in a sauna at the same time. The others can enjoy snacks and hot drinks by the open fire in Lappish Kota while waiting for own turn. We keep you company with stories of sauna and daily life in Lapland.

To the relief of shy ones, wearing a swimsuit or a towel is allowed in the sauna.

Availability:                 All year round the by request
Duration:                    5 hrs (incl. transportation 2x 1 hour)  
Price:                         120 €/person  Min. 3 (or 360 €), max. 8 participants
Includes:                   Transportations, towels and body soaps, snacks by the open fire and non alcohol drinks.

Booking: www.arcticemotions.com

More information: info@arcticemotions.com, tel. +358 44 2388977 ,+358 44 2389 000 


Sauna and Dinner at Hovilompolo Farmhouse

Meet Esko, the local sauna master, in his traditional home in the countryside: enjoy homemade flatbread in a Lappish Kota hut, and relax in the Lappish style sauna.

Get seated at the dinner table – with the blissful post-sauna feeling – and get served local smoked whitefish and dessert while learning more about sauna culture.

Availability:   Available on request.
Duration:      3-4 h
Price:           118 €/person (minimum 6, maximum 20 participants) including sauna, dinner and transfers. 236 €/person (minimum 2, maximum 4 participants) including sauna, dinner and transfers.

Booking:   info@visitsealapland.com,  Tel +358 20 7479 440


Deeper Meaning of Sauna

Do you want to know how we Finnish do the sauna, what sauna really mean to us, and experience the relaxed feeling of after as a guest? We wish you welcome to Willow Field House’s traditional sauna and guest lounge where we introduce you to Finnish bathing culture and the story behind the sauna. You can enjoy the sauna with your own group in privacy. Bring swimming suit with you for the relaxed moment in the warm hot tub under the open sky. After the sauna, we enjoy light supper and refreshments.

Availability:       Round the year by request
Duration:          over 4 h
Price                 Ask for offer (minimum 2, maximum 8 participants)
Includes:          Transportations, towels and body soaps, light supper and non-alcohol drinks
Prerequisites:  Suitable for persons over 12 years of age. Swimming suit or trunks for the hot tube.

Booking: www.arcticemotions.com
More information: info@arcticemotions.com, tel.+358 44 2388977+358 44 2389 000