Husky safari is one of the best ways to discover the Lappish nature. Sitting on a sled or driving the sled on your own, these enthusiastic dogs give you memorable moments. Join on a safari: 

Nature exploration at a husky safari

An incredible chance to control a team of Huskies yourself! Experience the complete silence of the arctic nature around you. Ride a Husky sledge through the untouched wintry woods. During the break listen to the musher’s stories of the nature in the region, of huskies, their life and training. The way to the Husky Farm goes through the beautiful countryside and you will get a glimpse of the local life and nature. The price includes equipment, transportation and the husky ride, (2persons / sledge.) Coffee is served during the safari.

Availability: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 
Price: 189 € / adult, 114 € / child (4-11 years)
Duration: Approximately 3 hours, including transfer. Duration of the safari approximately 2 hours
Pick Up: Hotel PalomestariMerihovi and Cumulus at 8.40 and 11:40, SnowCastle meeting point at 8:50 and 11:50.

Bookings: Kemin Matkailu

Nature exploration at a husky safari

You will have a car transfer to a local Husky musher's home. Before starting the vivid husky safari in the beautiful winter forest, you will learn how to steer a husky-pulled sleigh. Each sleigh will be ridden in pairs. You will have the possibility to pet the beautiful dogs and learn about their life, nature, and training. The coffee break included.

Availability: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon 11.12.2017-30.4.2018 at 09.00-12.00 
Duration: Husky safari abt.2 hours/max 15km, incl. transfers abt. 3h
Price: 190 Eur / person

Bookings: Sea Lapland Safaris,, +358 50 301 4173

The reservations should be made preferably 2 days in advance. The program is organized with min 2 attendants.