Simo kalastaja

Are you more of a fisherman of the quiet waters or one with the vigor and temperament to dare the surge of the Rapids? In Sea Lapland, you find fishing to your liking.

The Sea Lapland region is ideal for fishing. Within the range of an hour’s drive, you find three fish-rich rivers, and the sea is close by. The Simo River, the Tornio and Kemi Rivers are known as Salmon Rivers. The rivers live according to the change of the seasons; the melting of the snow and ice further up in Lapland in the spring-time, causes the buildings on the seashore to be in danger of getting flooded. The spring floods are an exciting event for all the people in the region.


On the shores of the Kukkola Rapids, on both sides of the border, you may admire the Traditional Tornio Valley Fishing Culture, flourishing even today. The village people, according to special rules between the landowners, scoop up the whitefish in the summertime, sharing the catch at seven pm every night. Whitefish flamed on the fire is a local delicacy. The fishing methods change by the season and according to the fish-type, and visitors may try scooping up the whitefish in the summer. During the fall the wire cage (trap) fills up with the river lamprey, during the winter with the burbot.

On the left, you can find companies offering fishing services. Don't forget the fishing license. 

Fishing license can be bought on the internet: Finland Fishing license. You need also license for every river. More information from tourist information.