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Starting from Kemi’s charming Inner Harbor the venerable M/S LEILA offers scheduled sailings as well as charter cruises off the coast of Sea Lapland for up to 60 passengers at a time. Join us for a 90 min tour of the nearer archipelago including stops at the historical saw mill island LAITAKARI, Syväletto and Selkäsaari. With three departures daily, you can also choose to break your trip at any intermediate point.

Scheduled Sailings Summer 2018

M/S LEILA connects Kemi to three islands on its 90 min cruise: the historical saw mill island LAITAKARI, a small paradise combining remains of times gone by and an unspoiled, diverse natural environment; Syväletto, a compact island dotted with local inhabitants’ summer cottages; Selkäsaari, wooded, abundant space and recreational facilities open on request. Lean-to shelters can be found on all three islands. Whether you opt for an uninterrupted cruise or a layover on one of the islands: experiencing Kemi and its surroundings my M/S LEILA will make for a memorable day out.

Availability:   June 15 – August 12, 2018 - 3 departures per day Fri/Sat/Sun                                              (schedule below)
Fares:           Adults 15,00€
                     Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) 35€
                     Children (age 4–12) 7,50€

Catering:      Coffee, tea, refreshments, ice cream and freshly baked pastry 

Tickets are valid for one round trip from/to Kemi and allow you to break the trip at any intermediate point (including multiple stops).


Upon request: guided tour of LAITAKARI island, available in English/German/French/Dutch and Finnish. Coffee break / small snack / sausage frying on the island. 

Accepted forms of payment on board: credit- and bank cards, cash.

We offer guaranteed availability for groups of 10 - 25 participants for an additional fee of 3€ / person. Please contact us by email or phone. 

info@merike.fi+358 400 195 266

Charter Cruises

Availability: June 1 – October 15 (subject to weather conditions)

Charter cruises are calculated on an hourly basis. Passenger capacity: 60.
Please contact us for additional information, tailor-made programs and rates. We are happy to help you plan your cruise and assist you with any other services you might need during your stay in Sea Lapland.

Bookings and Information
info@merike.fi, +358 400 195 266 (in English, German, Dutch and French)



June 15 – August 12, 2018

Fri: dep from Kemi at 13:00/15:00/17:00, ret at 14:30/16:30/18:30
Sat, Sun: dep from Kemi at 12:00/14:00/16:30, ret at 13:30/15:30/18:00
All departures calling upon request at Laitakari, Syväletto and Selkäsaari islands.

Schedule with a stopover on LAITAKARI 1 to 3.options


Kemi dep 13.00 12.00 15.00 14.00 13.00 12.00
Laitakari arr 13.20 12.20 15.20 14.20 12.20 12.20
Laitakari dep 15.20 14.20 17.20 16.50 17.20 16.50
Kemi arr 16.30 15.30 18.30 18.00 18.30 18.00



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