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Mustaparta - The Blackbeard

Before the borders were drawn in the Tornio river, there lived a hard-working but poor people in Tornio Valley whom the wealthy upper class oppressed. It was against this injustice and greed Iisakki Mustaparta with his fellow peasants built a ship with a deck, something the merchant bourgeoisie had denied them to do. With this ship, they sailed to Stockholm, with wood tar as their cargo and brought back grain for the starved people. The lawless peasants were eventually rehabilitated and Mustaparta was elected as council man where he kept on defending the oppressed.

Mustaparran Päämaja-restaurant

Mustaparran Päämaja is a theme restaurant in the center of Tornio, which takes the diner on a trip to the 18th century with its authentic atmosphere and menu.

Delicious lunch is served on Monday to Friday at 11-15. Price: 8,50 € / 10,50 €

Lunch buffet on Saturdays at 12-16. Price: 12,50 € 

The menu in the spirit of the 18th century for dinner and on weekends.

Mustaparran Päämaja
Hallituskatu 6, 95400 Tornio

Table reservation
+358 40 1260 222