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Traditional Day of Sarvipaiva

time: - , Kemi


Traditional Day of Sarvipäivä will be celebrated at the island of Selkä-Sarvi in the Bothnian Bay National Park on July 29, 2017, at 11 am -15 pm! Transportation will be organized from Tornio and Kemi to Selkä-Sarvi on the Day of Sarvipäivä. The male choir, Kemin Pohjan Mieslaulajat, will be present at the event, and there will also be a guided nature trail for Ailinpieti and its' fishing hut. And when it comes to Selkä-Sarvi, no surprise meeting can be ruled out. As is tradition, salmon soup is sold at the event and the Finnish Administration of Forests, Metsähallitus, offers visitors free coffee and buns. Welcome!

Event schedule and timetable 

11.00–12.00 Free program and getting familiar with the area, bird guide will be present
12.00 Jähti is coming
12.15 The male choir, Pohjan Mieslaulajat. Welcome words, Metsähallitus
12.30 The male choir, Pohjan Mieslaulajat, I concert
13–14.30 Salmon soup (8 €/ person), coffee and buns
13.15–14.00 Guided nature tour, bird guide will be present
14.00 The male choir, Pohjan Mieslaulajat, II concert
14.30 Sarvi song, sing along
15.00 Event will end


Kemi inner harbor:
Seksmilar (departure 9 am, return from Selkäsarvi 15 pm)
Jähti (departure 9 am, return from Selkäsarvi 15 pm)

Tornion Puotikari harbor
Lady Carin (departure 9 am, 11 am and 13 am, return from Selkäsarvi 15 pm, 17 pm, and 19 pm)

Tornio Letto harbor
Pekka Aho (departure 9 am)

Bookings and prices
Seksmilar, Ari Hiltula, tel. +358 408223400/ +358 407151252, 35 €
Jähti, Olli Ahonen, tel. +358 458802364, 75 € (salmon soup inc.)
Lady Carin, Arto Ponkala, tel. +358 400690304, 44 €
Pekka Aho, tel. +358 400296425, 40 € (salmon soup inc.)

More information about transfers directly from transportation entrepreneurs.

Changes to the program are possible.

More information: The Marine Nature Center, Kalajoen Meriluontokeskus, +358 206397007, luontoon.fi/kalajoki