The Church of St Michael

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The Old Church of the Parish of Keminmaa (the Church of St Michael)

The Old Church of the suburban parish of Keminmaa was erected in 1530-1660. In the sparsely populated and very wide Kemi Lapland the church was the most central church of that time.

The fame of the Old Church of the Parish of Keminmaa is mostly based on the Lutheran priest, Nikolaus Rungius. He was vicar of Kemi church during the Thirty Years War. Nikolaus Rungius died in 1629 and he was buried under the church in the tradition of the times.

Rungius´ undecaying corpse is still on view in the church. Rungius is said to have averred in one of his sermons: If my words are not true, then my body shall rot, but if they are true then my body will not rot.

You can visit the Church of St Michael and find the truth of that preaching. The old suburban church of Keminmaa is one of Northern Finland's most popular tourist attractions.

Roadside churches are open to visitors along the main routes throughout Finland all summer.

the Church of St Michael

Open: 1.6.–7.8. ma-su klo 11–17

Adress: Mikaelintie, 94400 Keminmaa

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