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Junior National Championship in Nordic Skiing

- , Keminmaa

28.2. starting at 10 AM 
The mass start
M20 3x5 km, M18 3x5 km
W20 3x3,3 km, W18 3x3,3 km
Prize-giving in Pohjanranta at 5 PM

1.3. starting at 9.15 AM
The mass start
M23, M20 30 km
W23, W20, M18, M17 20 km
W18, W17 15 km
At the stadium M/W 23, 20 at 12.45 PM
At the stadium M/W 18, 17 at 16.15 PM

Address: Hirsikankaantie 30 (or Kallinkankaantie 169), 94400 Keminmaa.