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Beauty and Wellness Event

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Beauty and Wellness Event is all about fashion, beauty, wellness and trends.

The place for the event is Kemin Tervahalli.

There are two fashion shows and one sports show during the day. There are over 50 exhibitors and there is also a possibility to do shopping.

The hostess is wonderful Ms. Heidi Sohlberg, former Miss Finland and Miss Baltic Sea 2001. 

At the exhibition will perform Noora Karma, an award-winning female magician from


11:00h Opening
13:00h Fashion show (casual)
14:00h Mentalist Noora Karma
15:00h EasyFit Kemi sports performance
16:00h Fashion show (Party)
17:00h Mentalist Noora Karma
18:00h End of the day

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Tervahalli visiting address: Tervaharjunkatu 14, 94600 Kemi