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Tervakuksa is a bus stop between Kemi and Rovaniemi. Here you will find a pizzeria and hamburger restaurant. Lunch is served every day.

We have accommodation with 8 rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom, shower, refrigerator and TV. 

We also have one apartment, with two bedrooms (4 beds), kitchen, shower, sauna and bathroom.

Single room  65 € / night
Double room 78 € / night
3-person room 95 € / night
Apartment 105 € – 120 € / night, price depends on the number of people staying

Included in the price: sheets, towels and breakfast.

If you need long-term accommodation, please be in contact with us and we will send you an offer.

Opening hours: 

Mon-Sat 7.00-21.00
Sun 9.00-21.00

Mon-Sun 10.30-20.30

Siltatie 1, 95330 Tervola

+358 16 435 511