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Seaside Glass Villas

Experience365 Ltd.'s new Seaside Glass Villas with an incredible view of the Bay of Bothnia offer a warm, cosy and unique accommodation. These 21m2 Seaside Glass Villas with small kitchen and bathroom are an excellent choice for ones who want to enjoy the arctic freedom at its best. The Beautiful and quiet place is located next to the SnowCastle new location, just a couple of minutes away from the Kemi city centre. A cosy place to snuggle up and enjoy the nature's incredible light show – the Northern Lights. Experience the Sea, Snow, and Ice and get the direct access to the frozen sea with possibilities of various winter activities with a special twist like Ice Driving! Be amazed under the Midnight Sun in the Summertime. The sea is just in front of you –enjoy it. 

Breakfast is included and served at 07.00-09.00.

Available: all year round, 
For a longer stay or tailor-made VIP services , please contact our sales office. 

Capacity: 33 Villas

Address: LumiLinnankatu, Kemi (former Mansikkanokankatu 17)

More information and reservations: