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The Arctic Gems and Comics 

Comics Exhibition

The permanent exhibition of the Comic center is located at the comic center in Kemi at Rantabulevardi 2.

The exhibition consists of more than 20 Finnish and foreign designers' original drawings and over 30 three-dimensional cartoon columns. The exhibition includes, for example, B.Virtane's office, Viivi and Wagner's living room and part of Duckburg street view

Kemi Gemstone Gallery

Once upon a time, Finland was about to become a Kingdom. The attempt was to go far enough for the King to be designed his crown. But History, as it sometimes happens, was to take a new turn, and yet, the crown still exists. At the Kemi Gemstone Gallery, in addition of marveling the original, handsome Crown of the King of Finland, you may also admire the replicas of the Imperial Crown of the Queen of England, among other historical replicas, as well as the fine collection of over three thousand minerals and gemstones from around the world.

”Very amazing place, I’ll definitely visit here together with my friends next time!” – says 9-year-old Kiira.

”The most valueble exhibits are Scrooge and the precious stones.” – says 4-year-old Miska.

”A place where you can draw and design comics, it’s marvellous.” – says 9-year-old Kaisla.

Open mon-fri 10-16 (Other time on request, please send request e-mail: info@sealapland.com)

Price: 10 € / adult, 6 € / child (4-11 years)
Address: Rantabulevardi 2, 94100 Kemi

Tel: +358 50 3868563