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Puotikari - the Guest Harbour of Mustaparta

The Puotikari Guest Harbour is a private boating harbour located in Tornio Röyttä. When coming to guest berth it should be informed in advance.

The harbour host can arrange taxi transportation to the services in Tornio town centre. In Puotikari Harbour there are 5 berths for guest boats, but if needed more places can be arranged.

The approaching of the harbour:

Come from the west side of Tornio harbour along the navigable water route, entrance along with a map of approach. When coming with a boat with over 2m draught please contact harbour host. The wind conditions can make big changes in water height in the area, with a strong north wind water can go down 1,50m and with the south wind, it can go up as equally much. With median water level, the navigable route draught is 2,4m. At the harbour, the depth is deeper than on approaching water way. The new deeper entrance route is going to be completed in the next few years.

Service :

Beach, collection place, electricity, sauna, toilet. Maintenance service is a boat ramp.


65°48,5ʹ  24°09,2ʹ
Nautical chart series G
Nautical chart 855
Harbour number 1995

Harbour hosts:

Arto & Antti Ponkala

Phone:+358 40 514 1531
Email: info@puotikari.fi 

Puotikari laehestymiskartta