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Puotikari Club

The restaurant is open in summertime

See and experience the sea breeze in the archipelago milieu of the Puotikari Harbor.

Season Master Chef offers seafood and beef with appropriate drinks.

The overtime of the restaurant can be casually agreed and on other days and times it is open to wishes and orders.

Follow the opening hours and serving suggestions at Puotikari's Facebook

The Meriklubi Terrace operates as home harbour of Lady Carin ship.


Event venue for meetings, parties and education days

The meeting room has a computer projector, TV, sound system, karaoke-system, and computer. 

There are seating places for 35 persons.

Glazed terrace, barbeque

Food by request

Sauna and barbeque hut 

Availability: All year round

More information and bookings: info@puotikari.fi