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Lady Carin archipelago Cruises in the beautiful Bothnian Bay 2019

During the cruises in the Bothnia Bay islands, we visit the islands of Pensaskari and Selkäsarvi. 

In the islands, you might have a possibility to see seals, the white-tailed-eagle. There are also nice beaches and good walking trails. 

The weather is variable, so the captain can choose the destination that is most safe, for example, if it is windy. The captain has also right to cancel the cruise due to weather conditions. 

Lady Carin restaurant has a license for selling alcohol and the restaurant is open during the cruises. The Lady Car can also be ordered for the desired route, family celebration or other events.

Day Cruises summer 2019

Examples of island cruises in summer 2019

Time:             1.6-15.10, on request
Duration:      2 h nearby islands
Price:             from 580€ / max 12 persons

Duration:        4h cruise to Selkäsarvi
                       From 820€/group. Max 12 persons

Duration:       4 h cruise to Penskaskari 
                       from 620€/group. max 12 persons




Language:      Finnish, English, and Swedish. 

More information and booking:

+358 20 7479 440Sea Lapland Travel