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Lady Carin Arto

About us

NSO OY is a marine transport company in, a job service and a charter cruise company located in Tornio. The company's business area is the whole area of the Bothnian Bay, both Finland and Sweden. The company has skilled and well-know staff in the Bothnian Sea areas that can take you with partners to a different destination in the Bothnian Bay region.

The company is headquartered at Puotikari Harbor at the mouth of River Torniojoki. Puotikari Harbor is also known as the port of Mustaparta. The owner of the company and the captain of Lady Carin, Arto Ponkala, has 30 years of experience in marine life and more than 40 years of experience in sailing in the Bothnian Bay. So you can be safe when you are heading a cruise with this captain.