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Paddling trips, both scheduled and on demand

Paddling is a very nature oriented and sustainable way to move and admire the beautiful flora and fauna of the Bothnian sea. The archipelago rich of birds and the rugged little islets are worth to see and feel. While paddling in these surroundings your mind rests and your thoughts will wander far away from the daily routines.

We offer a different kind of paddling trips both for beginners and for active flat water paddlers. Read more and make a reservation!. More information about reservations, gear, and safety you will find from here


Paddling for beginners

Don't worry, you can easily take part to this trip even if you have never even seen a kayak before. We will start from the very basics including safety instructions. There are always at least two well-trained instructors with the group.

We will help you to choose the right gear before heading to the shore. We go through the instructions and take the kayaks to the water one by one guided by the instructors. We paddle towards the Kiikeli Bay, where the water is low and therefore very safe to practice the paddling techniques and balance. The instructors will guide and advise all participants individually.   

Available:     1.6.- 30.9.2018 every tuesday 15h00
Price:           30 €/person
Duration:      2h, out of which 1,5 hours in the water. Weather can impact to the duration.
Min/max:      2 person, max 5 person

Suitable for over 10 years old beginners, who can swim.
Meeting point: At Kemi Vanha Satama, Tullimakasiini, Kauppakatu 27 Kemi. 

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Get Familiar with the Bothnian Sea

We start the paddling with safety instructions and checking the skill levels of the participants. We head towards the nearby islands and their open fire places while enjoying the unique nature of Bothnian Sea. By the open fire, we offer you some snacks before paddling back to the shore.  

Available:   1.6 - 30.9.2018 every thursday at 18:00
Price:         40 €/person
Duration:    3 - 3,5 hours. Weather can impact to the duration.
Min/max:    min 2 person, max 5 person

Suitable for everyone over 10 years old with swimming skills and some previous paddling experience.

Meeting point: At Kemi Vanha Satama, Tullimakasiini, Kauppakatu 27 Kemi. 

We can arrange this trip also on demand for groups of  4 - 8 persons.

Reservations: +358 50 3266226 paivi.koskela@gmail.com

More information, please check  Equipment and safety


White Night Paddling and Moonlight Paddling 

In the early evening, when the North Wind goes back to sleep and the surface of the water gets still, we start our paddling journey. At first, we paddle 5 km towards our own island, Check Point Kemi. By the open fire we cook traditional Finnish pancakes, eat some snacks and prepare coffee and tea. After the break, we continue paddling to the open sea where with some luck we are even able to see seals. 

As the twilight turns into dawn we paddle back to the shore with one more unique experience. 

From August to September we tie hurricane lamps into the bow of the kayak to lighten up the darkening late summer nights. Perhaps clear sky and moonlight will also lighten our way.  

Suitable for all paddle enthusiasts who want to experience the magical white night silence and awakening nature. The paddle distances are quite long so good basic physique is needed. 

Available:    1.6 - 30.9.2018
Price:           100 €/ person
Duration:     6-7 hours

Valid on demand for 4 - 8 persons 
White Night Paddling from : June to July
Moonlight paddling from:      August to September

Reservations: +358 50 3266226 paivi.koskela@gmail.com

More information, please check  Equipment and safety