Pirates of the Laitakaribian: Hurja Helmeri ja Ulappa Ulla

Hurja Helmeri is a pirate captain whose charisma will charm you. Ulappa Ulla belongs to Hurja Helmeri's crew and is round and soft like Finnish bun "pulla". Together they will tailor just the right combination for your party. On arrival, they will greet everyone and get to know the party group with songs and rhymes. After this is done the real show can start. The show is planned together with you beforehand and it can include singing, play, and games, quizzes or maybe even the bride can be robbed.  

Suitable for indoor and outdoor parties of 5 - 50 persons for all ages. For example birthdays or bridal showers and for all ages. 


Pohjanakka harvahammas - The hostess of the North 

Pohjanakka harvahammas, is the queen of three worlds. She governs the water, wind soil and fire. She will find your strong inner animal of your soul, she will see to the future and present. She might even sing if requested. 

Suitable for adults by the outdoor fireplace for 5 - 20 persons. 


Fake Santa

A bit dirty minded and mischievous Fake Santa is a surprise guest of the parties. He sings, dances and takes party people to the dance. Fake Santa can even write a song or a poem to the person whose party it is and give out some fun presents. 

Suitable for adults for example to Christmas parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays etc. for 5 to 100 persons. 



             Hurja Helmeri & Ulappa Ulla 120 €/perform

             Pohjanakka Harvahammas 120 €/perform

             Valepukki 120 €/perform

Duration of the show ca. 30 minutes, can vary depending on the party/situation

Venue: customer's venue,  no need for sound system 

The event itself is on customer's responsibility. The performers will perform on their own responsibility.

Reservations: +358 50 3266226 paivi.koskela@gmail.com