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Welcome to Sea Lapland!

Sea Lapland is located in the southwest of Finnish Lapland, at the bottom of the Bothnian Bay. The various areas carry different characteristics, but the heart in each is similar. Sea Lapland offers a cozy atmosphere in northern towns and villages. The conference venues and meeting places are within easy to reach.

There are excellent flight connections from four airports and regular bus transportation system between the areas.

The conference rooms in Sea Lapland, equipped with modern facilities for business meetings, the meals served by the catering services and restaurants in the Sea Lapland style will guarantee the success of any event or meeting your company desires to arrange. Lappish nature and tailored activities are other reasons why Sea Lapland is the perfect choice for your next conference or meeting.

During the winter the once in a lifetime experience on the Cruise Icebreaker Sampo, the Husky-safaris speeding through the quiet of the woods or the team competition on a kicksled across the frozen sea; during the summer a cruise through the archipelago of the Gulf of Bothnia or shooting of the rapids through the longest free-flowing river in all of Europe – team spirit at its best!

The multilingual staff is experienced in international business and paying attention to the client´s cultural differences. The activities are carried out paying attention to safety and the client´s comfort. The companies are known for their friendliness and reliability.

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd is your trusted partner, providing you the best possible choices for your conference or meeting. The services in Sea Lapland are tailored in smooth and precise cooperation with your event organizers according to the desires of the client.


Sea Lapland Travel Ltd
Bothnian Business House
Pakkahuoneenkatu 1
FI - 95400 Tornio
Tel: +358 (0)20 7479 440