Perinnelaiwa Katariina

Katariina offers cruises and events in the Kemi Inner Harbour for parties, meetings and other evets. There is room for 30 people in the traditionally decorated sailors mess that has hidden up-to-date meeting equipment.  For a cruise Katariina takes 12 passengers. You can even relax in the sauna and go swimming in the Bothnian Bay.

Contact information: Olli Ahonen, tel. +358400 696 124

Jähti of the Bothnian Bay


Come to Kemi and sail on a sailing ship built in a true 19th century fashion. Perämeren Jähti, Jähti of the Bothnian Bay in English, offers tailor-made, unique sailing packages to groups and companies in the summery archipelago of the Bothnian Bay. Jähti is equipped with room enough for several dozens of passengers and living quarters for up to twelve passengers and three crewmembers. Cosy lounging and dining area, a saloon and a modern kitchen with services of a chef will make your sailing experience an easy and care free one.

On the deck of the ship it is possible to enjoy the summer weather, the beautiful archipelago scenery and a variety of activities. By order, tailor-made programmes consisting of many possible ingredients are available to groups. Individual persons are welcome to the scheduled cruises with standard programmes.

Contact information: Olli Ahonen, tel. +358400 696 124

Icebreaker Sampo

Sampo kesa

Icebreaker Sampo is available all year round. In wintertime Sampo offers unique cruise experience in the Gulf of Bothnia. In the summertime Sampo serves meetings and parties at the Ajos Harbour.

Contact information: tel. +35816 258 878