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kokous juhla

The Toranda, the Event and Program Service Centre right on the shores of the free-flowing Tornio River, offers locations even for the biggest meetings, concerts, festivals and fairs around the year. The Centre boasts 3000 sq m and a huge yard with space enough for the arrangement of large outdoor fairs or exhibitions, concerts or even the well-liked and famous Sea Lapland Games.

The Toranda is the most perfect place for both various private and marketing events. The beautifully restored hall, used for the log floating business in the area at the time, is named the Uitto Banquet Room, offering the most unique atmosphere for your event. The Toranda Main Hall can be transformed to fit any event from a big concert to a festive banquet seating over 400 people. The two halls together enable the seating of 700 guests.

Address: Hellälä, Näätsaarentie 241, 95450 Tornio

Contact information: sales@torandaevents.com, tel: +358 400 164 445