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Savotta lodge

situated 8 km outside the city of Kemi. The place can be easily reached from Kemi by bus or through the forests or the sea by snowmobiles. Despite the close location to the city, you can enjoy the peaceful, warm and relaxing atmosphere in the middle of the untouched Finnish forests in Savotta. Savotta is situated by the beautiful river Kemijoki.

Savotta has two main cottages and two Finnish saunas. In each of these cosy and atmospheric places, you can find beautiful fireplaces made of natural stone. The surroundings offer a great opportunity for activities such as ice-fishing, husky safaris, ”Winter Olympics” and snowshoeing. At Savotta there is also a possibility to go for a lively reindeer ride in the woods. It is also possible just to observe reindeer in Savotta, since the friendly reindeer stay in the Savotta yard during the wintertime. After having enjoyed the activities and learned something about the Finnish way of life at the same time, you will be served a fine three-course-dinner made of the purest elements of Lapland.

Contact information: 

Vähä Kuivanuorontie 29, Kemi
Tel:+358 40 656 2882