Kivalo dinner

Kivalo is situated about 42km from Kemi centre to northeast. It is located on the way to Rovaniemi in a beautiful natural park, covered by hills and old forests.
In Kivalo there is one main cottage with a beautiful fireplace made of natural stone. The cabin is a traditional Finnish hunting cabin with today´s requirements. There are about 50 seating places at the cabin. At Kivalo there is also 5 lappish teepees ”kotas” where it is also possible to serve meals for bigger groups. At Kivalo You can enjoy a traditional Finnish wooden sauna.

Kivalo is a great place for evening entertainment and meetings. Also, the surroundings of Kivalo offer a wonderful chance for all kinds of activities outside, e.g. snowshoeing, tandem-skiing and husky/reindeersafaris. There is also a possibility to stay overnight at cottage for those who want to experience the great silence of nature.


Kivalo cottage:
about 60 pax for dinner
about 26 pax to overnight

5 kotas:
about 25 pax in each to have a lunch

1 Sauna

Contact information:, tel: +358 16 223320