Transportation with buses 

The ticket price includes bus transport. 


Prepaid ticket 20€. 

Tickets bought on the day of the event: 25€. Children under 13 years are free of charge. 

Included in the price: Juice, pickles, raisins, and transportation. 

service points are open on the event day at 8-16 Finnish time. 

Pre-order tickets from Kemi / Keminmaa / Tornio (the exact locations will be explained later), webshop, Smartum, e- passi & Tyky Online before 15.3.2019 at 18.00 Finnish time.

Tickets on the event day:

Lautamaa & Kantojärvi sales places

From the webshop, you can buy 3 different tickets, (all the same price).

1. Participating ticket

2. Participating ticket + transportation Kalli-Karunki

3. Participating ticket + transportation Karunki-Kalli


+358 045 220 9733,

+358 (0) 503072510


The transportation from Kalli goes from Kalli outdoor center.

Address: Kallinkankaantie 169, 94400 Keminmaa.


The transport from Karungi goes from: Karung skistadium

Adres: Metsurintie 9, 95530 Karunki.

Kallinkangas klo 8:00 → Karunki klo 9:00

Karunki klo 9:00 → Kallinkangas klo 10:00

In Karungi, you can leave your changing clothes on the bus in a bag with your name on, the bus will transport them to the skiing building in Kallinkangas.In Karung there is also a shower facility for skiers. 


Every hour starts from  a clock 9 until 15:00 a clock