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Kemi-Tornion lentokenttä


Rental Cars

There are several car rental companies at the airport. Some of them are here in advance booking, so check the opening hours and other information on the rental sites' web


Green Motion




You can use our wireless network for free.

You can surf at Finavia's airports for free. Using a wireless network is easy, as no separate login is required for sign-in. You can find Finavian net on your device's list of wireless networks as "Free Wi-Fi for you by Finavia.

Meeting room

A convenient way to have a meeting is to pick a meeting room at Kemi-Tornio Terminal.

The meeting room is for 10 people and there is al the Teknik you need.  


0-2 h 3-4 h 1-day
50,00€ 70,00€ 100,00€


f the order is canceled less than 48 hours before the agreed date of the service, we will charge the full price according to the above service price list. Payment by credit card at the airport or by billing.

Prices include VAT.