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A long time ago, in the middle of Kalli´s forest, there were living strange creatures, they were called: TROLLS! We invite you to discover this mysterious Troll Land!
The old stories tell us about Kalli, the old troll that for fun used to throw big stones around the forest; we believe that he had magic power… We invite you to discover this mysterious troll land where you will figure out how those funny forest dwellers are living…

Troll guide will tell you their stories and show you Troll village. You will have the opportunity to grill and taste real Troll's sausages with Troll's drinks… Moreover, you will receive a troll fork as a present that you will never forget this troll fairytale experience. After this, you can have fun with your family and try the speed of Kalli’s sled slope.

More information and booking: +358 400 175 347