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Meri Nikula VOICE performance

MERI NIKULA is a vocal artist whose unique voice takes her listeners on a journey into a magical world. The untamed forces of nature flow through her richly nuanced voice. Various music cultures blend into one. Meri has developed a concept she calls Vocal Mosaic, creating collages with her voice, layer by layer, combining many vocal techniques. This has become her signature sound for her exceptional music that surprises her audiences again and again. 

Meri is working internationally as a performing artist, collaborating with many artists, dancers, and musicians. She has lived most of her life abroad, in The Netherlands, Norway, Japan and more. Since 2017 she is based back on her roots in the Tornio River Valley.

On the New Year's Eve, with the starry skies behind her, Meri will appear as a Queen of Ice and cast a magic spell with her voice to start the new year with! 

Meri Irindria Nikula