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IIsakki Mustaparta - Isaac Blackbeard -

"IIsakki Mustaparta, Isaac Blackbeard, lived from 1751 to 1809, when the border was drawn to Tornio river bisecting families, lands and fishing. When he returned back from the seas, he saw the decay of his home, all the oppression and distress. Against the bourgeois will,  together with other peasantry he build a decked ship to transport tar to Stockholm, bringing a cargo of grain on his return back north. With these actions he wanted to bring democracy to the trading business but instead he irritated the officials. 

Mustaparta and his men were declared outlawed, imprisoned and thrown into a stinking jail in Stockholm. Mustaparta, instead of giving up, went ahead to prove the legality of his actions. Eventually he was to become the delegate to the Parliament in Stockholm, defending the rights of the peasantry, and was nicknamed as Robin Hood of the North."

During the cruise, Iisakki himself tells the stories and history of the region. The marine style dinner will be served at the boat. 


Äiji Iisakki´s  Salmon Sandwich Bite
Salmon with tarsauce, roasted potatoes, and vegetables
Sweetgrass Créme Brulée


Cruise 900 €

Menu: 43 €/person.

Iisakki Mustaparta - show 190 €.

S/Y Katariina boat  max. 12 person/cruise.

Booking required 5 days before departure. Weather permitting.

+358 400 696124 / +358 50 377 7794