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Simonniemi Guest Harbor

At Simonniemi Guest Harbor there are 16 guest berths. All are shaft places (dock placelist can be found on the light pole). Some of the berth (outside of the gate) has been marked on the pier.

Guest Harbor Services:

At the harbor, there is beach volley, beach, changing room, collection place, drinking water, toilet, fireplace, and lighting. At the fishing port, there are 24 berths and 3 of them are guest berths. In the nearby, the harbor is situated the Old Pappila, which can offer accommodation and restaurant services.


65°38,9' 24°54'

Nautical chart series G.
Nautical chart 853. 
Harbor number 1942. 
Fasten: shaft, depth 2 m

Harbor host:

Tel: +358 40 519 82 54