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Arkadia pehmo

Päivi and Samuli

Päivi is a community pedagogue who has had love for animals from a small age. 
In the youth, Päivi took care of all horses in the village and  was helpful in all animal care.

Samuli is an entrepreneur in the painting industry who, from the young age, dreamed of working on the farm's host. As a small boy, Samuli even cared for the flies and even kept funerals for them if necessary.

The dream became true with the petting zoo and reindeer herding, which are both a work and a lifestyle for Päivi and Samuli.

Päivi and Samuli have 9 children, 2-17 years old, who work extensively in the animal park. The smallest, 2 year old, works as a great guide to visitors.

Kotieläinpuisto Arkadia Oy (Ltd)

Address: Saarenrannantie 12, 95230 Maksniemi
Corporate Code: 2688568-7