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Sea Lapland Travel Ltd

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd, founded in 2013, is the tourism marketing company for the municipalities of Simo, Tervola and Keminmaa, and the towns of Kemi and Tornio. The company is the regional organization and trustee for the companies working within the travel industry. The company is owned by the municipalities mentioned above 8 % and enterprises of the area 92 %. The stake of the municipalities is administered by Sea Lapland Development Centre.

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd works together with the company network of the area. The companies in Sea Lapland work with different parts of the travel business making use of their experience and know-how. In addition to marketing, selling, PR and other media work, the tasks include tourist information.

Sea Lapland Travel Ltd
Bothnian Business House
Pakkahuoneenkatu 1
FI - 95400 Tornio
Tel: +358 (0)20 7479 440


Sales Director
Ms. Teija Mikkola
Tel: +358 (0)400 357 420

Sales & Marketing Executive
Mrs. Johanna Salmi
Tel: +358 (0)400 188 002

Board of Directors:

Niina Pekkala, puheenjohtaja
Jukka Kujala, varapuheenjohtaja
Johanna Kemppainen
Jukka Feodoroff
Kimmo Knuuti
Matti Alatalo
Matti Lehto
Mikko Tavi
Veli-Matti Mykkälä