The SnowCastle of Kemi 

The 22nd SnowCastle opened on 21st of January 2017 and was closed on 9th of April 2017

The 23rd SnowCastle will be opened in January 2018. 

Winter and subzero weather with frost and cold are part of one of the other as the SnowCastle and Sea Lapland. The SnowCastle with its unforgettable experiences rises on the shimmering shores of the Gulf of Bothnia every winter, ready to receive its visitors wholeheartedly into its bosom.

Children and anyone with the spirit of a child may experience the delight and excitement the two original snow-mascots Arttu and Terttu offer at the SnowCastle daily. The most unique experience, to be sure, will enhance your visit while you enjoy a lunch or an à la carte dinner at the SnowRestaurant.

At the SnowChapel within the SnowCastle, where several couples from around the world celebrate their wedding, you enjoy the deep quiet while sitting on the bench, admiring the snow- and ice-sculptured architecture of the Chapel. At night, continuing your adventure, the SnowHotel provides the true arctic experience while you sleep wrapped inside a sleeping-bag especially designed for arctic conditions, in a room with - 5 degree Celsius temperature.

Open: -
Price: 15 € / adult, 9 € / child (4-11 years), under 4 years free of charge

Visiting address: LumiLinnankatu, Kemi (former Mansikkanokankatu 17)

Guided tour at the SnowCastle

Guided tour of the Castle will lead you to the world of professional ice and snow building. How we make the Castle, what are the venues in the Castle and what you can do inside the snowy walls. The tour includes a non-alcoholic drink.

Availability: -
Duration: 30-45 min
Price: 22 € /adult, 13 € / child (4-11 years) (+ entrance fee to the SnowCastle)
Minimum: 2 person
Meeting point: SnowCastle Meeting Point

Additional information and reservations from Kemin Matkailu

Ice & Snow Carving for Beginners

This short but intensive program will familiarize the participants to the world of ice carving. An ice carving professional will act as your teacher telling you of the ice carving techniques and train you in using the equipment. During the program warm juice will be served.

Availability: -
Price: 52 € / person
Duration: 1 h
Minimum: 4 persons
Meeting point: SnowCastle meeting point at 15.00

Additional information and reservations from Kemin Matkailu