If you want to understand Lapland and its people, getting familiar with sauna is a good starting point.

Sauna and Dinner at Hovilompolo Farmhouse

Meet Esko, the local sauna master, in his traditional home in the countryside: enjoy homemade flat bread in a Lappish Kota hut, and relax in the Lappish style sauna.

Get seated in the dinner table – with the blissful post-sauna feeling – and get served local smoked white fish and dessert while learning more about sauna culture.

Duration:    3-4 h
Price:         118 €/person including sauna, dinner and transfers.
Day:           Available on request.

Optional:    Snowmobile safari to Hovilompolo
Duration:    2 h
Price:         229 €/person duo drive, 326 €/person solo drive

Bookings:   info@visitsealapland.com, +358 20 7479 440

Deeper Meaning of Sauna

Do you want to know how we Finns do the sauna, what sauna really mean to us, and experience the relaxed feeling of after sauna as a guest in Finnish home? We wish you welcome to Willow Field House’s traditional sauna and countryside house where we introduce you to Finnish bathing culture and the story behind the sauna. We go to sauna together, although men and women separately. Bring swimming suit with you for the
relaxed moment in the warm hot tub under the starlight. After sauna we enjoy light supper and refreshments.

Duration:      6 - 7 hrs (incl. transportation 2x 1 hour)
Price:          600 € (minimum 2, maximum 6 participants)
Includes:     Transportations, towels and body soaps, light supper and non alcohol                         drinks
Prerequisites: Suitable for persons over 12 years of age

Bookings: info@arcticemotions.com, +358 44 2388 977,  +358 44 2389 000

Sense of Snow

Open your senses and let us introduce you an exhilarating experience of snow. Feel the coldness and softness, see the beauty of pure white snow. Play with it like Finns do, shape it with your hands. Learn how snow has also shaped Finnish culture, taught people to survive cold arctic winters. At the campfire you will warm up with hot drinks and a snack, while enjoying the company of one another.

Duration:     4-5 hrs (incl. transportation 2x 1 hour)
Price:         120 € per person, Children (4-12 yrs) -25% (minimum 2, maximum 8                             participants)
Prerequisites: Good winter clothing

Bookings: info@arcticemotions.com, +358 44 2388 977,  +358 44 2389 000

Winter Day in Countryside

Are you interested in seeing how the daily life goes on here in Lapland, surrounded by snow and in freezing temperatures? What are the daily winter routines and how people spend their free time in countryside? We wish you welcome to Willow Field House and take part in our daily routines and free-time activities on a snowy home yard. Hear and learn how Finnish way of living has attuned cold winter and snow. We will also have warm soup lunch together in our lounge.

Duration:      5 hrs
Price:          140 € per person, Children (4-12 yrs) -25% (minimum 2, maximum 8                            participants)
Prerequisites: Good winter clothing

Bookings: info@arcticemotions.com, +358 44 2388 977,  +358 44 2389 000

Down on the Farm

Take a glimpse into life in the countryside. We will pick you up from your informed departure location and travel 45 minutes through the countryside in southern Lapland for a visit to a modern sheep farm. We shall learn about animals in their abodes and take part in some of the daily activities at sheep farms. The farm houses also skilled sheepdogs. During the visit our hosts will tell us about their work and what life is like on the farm and in the countryside. As house guests, we will be served a lunch of mainly mutton and organic produce from the farm that the hostess prepares herself. Wool handicrafts made on the farm are also available for purchase. 

Operated:     3.12.2016-15.4.2017 on Saturdays (except 24.12.)
Duration:      4 hrs
Price:          120 € per person, Family price (2+2) 400 € (minimum 1, maximum 8                            participants)
Includes:     Transportation, English-speaking guide, lunch, and protective clothing.

Bookings: info@arcticemotions.com, +358 44 2388 977,  +358 44 2389 000

Campfire Night

Well sheltered from the wind, we stay by the fire in a traditional Lappish hut “Kota” grilling Finnish sausages and enjoying hot drinks. During the outing the guide you will hear stories of the Finnish nature and life on the shores of the Bothnian Bay.

Availability: Mon-Sat 28.12.2016-15.4.2017 at 20:00
Price: 49 € / adult, 29 € / child (4-11 years)
Meeting place: SnowCastle meeting point at 20:00